Monday, May 21, 2007

Online Forex

by: Rafik Patel

Q1: When you consider that the foreign exchange market has become the world's largest financial market, with over $1.5 trillion USD traded daily, where does it go from here?

A1:The FX market is unique, in the UK there is no central exchange, we trade via the inter bank market. With more and more private individuals taking up margin trading and new forex brokers setting up, I can only see the market grow in the near future.

Q2: Other than great liquidity, what are the principal benefits attached to the forex market?

A2: There is less to consider when trading the forex markets, there are only a number of variables that affect the pricing.

Main advantages include

Forex Market allows 24 hour trading

Greater leverage - with most brokers offering 100 – 1,

Less starting capital required,

More Liquidity - day trading has to have enough volume to make it worth our while. The currency market is more liquid than all the world stock markets put together. Currencies are always in action,

Free trading systems

Better for shorting - There are artificial controls built into the market to prevent it from going down too fast. The reason is that we live in a biased world that likes to see things go up instead of down. One of these artificial contraptions is the "uptick rule," which comes into play when shorting stocks, making it more difficult to sell a stock short than to buy it. This is unheard of in the currency market. Selling currencies short while day trading is just as easy as buying them.

Ideal for Short Term Traders -

Q3: Limited market access, liquidity issues-after market hours, commission fees, capital requirements and short selling/stop restrictions are just some of the issues investors face when considering other markets. Given that the forex market removes many of these traditional barriers and therefore does not restrict the forex traders' ability to make a trade at the right time, are we likely to see an increase in trading volumes this year?

A3: With all these advantages, traders are finding it hard not to trade currencies, online trading volumes across all products is increasing at a substantial rate, however FX trading, predominantly amongst retail investors is becoming very popular.

Q4: There is stiff competition amongst online forex service providers for retail forex traders with some claiming to offer the same degree of technical analysis enjoyed by the world's largest banks and institutional traders. Is this possible?

A4: Technical Analysis has come a long way, more and more forex provides now have partnerships with firms who provide analysis. However the banks still have an advantage, the markets are still not under perfectly competitive economic model. The banks will always have access to information that is not readily available, ISX FX currently sources its information from a number of banks to fill this gap.

Q5: Do you subscribe to the theory that forex is less volatile than stocks because the market is much deeper?

A5: As a bet on the direction of a national economy, no currency has ever dropped 25 percent in a day, or imploded as rapidly and completely as an Enron or a Parmalat. In the wake of those scandals, many companies are meting out information more cautiously, making it harder to get the real "scoop" on stocks one problem of trading with too-high leverage is that one piece of surprise news can wipe out one's capital. If you treat forex trading like a business, including proper money management, you have a better chance of success."

Q6: U.S. interest rates-decade lows; global trade wars and terrorism fears have dominated the headlines recently. What impact has this had on retail volumes?

A6: The above factors have all led to a decline in the dollar. This coupled with tighter regulation of brokers has given investors more confidence in brokers. Also the stock market crash has driven individuals to look at the profit opportunities offered by forex.

Q7: Stateside the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has brought 58 actions against firms, since its new powers were awarded in 2000. Given that certain brokers continue to abuse the system, with investor money sometimes not being traded in the markets promised. What can investors do protect themselves?

A7: The retail forex market is in essence betting, as with any bookmaker there is always a risk that you will not get your winnings, or the odds will be highly stacked against you. With tighter regulation and increased competition, this risk of default has largely disappeared. The risk of price manipulation still exists and this will never really go away. Investors need to ensure that they have an independent price source and trade with a broker who offers true one click dealing. Most brokers work on the basis of the law of large numbers, acting like the bucket shops of 50 years ago, they do not hedge any positions and are directly competing against there clients. This will always lead to price manipulation and further actions by authorities will inevitably be taken.

Q8: What is this best way for “currency rookies” to get involved in the market?

A8: Like with any new form of trading you need to know what you are doing, especially as there is margin involved. Take all the time you need to learn this new trading skill well -- practice everything you learn with a demo account before you consider going 'live' with your own money. Investors should read books, attend seminars and paper trade until they are comfortable with there strategy.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Online Forex Trading - Beginners Guide

By Oliver Turner

When it comes to forex trading, understanding the terminology and the forex trading strategies before you begin is vital. There are many web based companies that provide online forex trading tutorials that revolve around real time forex trading. Using a forex tutorial will give you the beginner knowledge you need to take part in trading forex.

After you have completed your forex tutorial there are some basic forex trading tips that all beginners will find useful. The most important thing to remember when trading forex and the most important forex trading strategy is to remember to always place stop loss orders. Using this strategy in your online forex trading will help to prevent and limit your losses.

The next important step for online forex trading is to take profit orders at the same time as placing your stop loss orders. This is done by using the OCO order function that is available with most online forex trading systems. Take profit orders work on the same basis as the stop loss orders and help to eliminate the risk of locking into a profit too early.

Another beginner’s tip is to use a positive risk/reward ratio. This means that you should choose the amount you are willing to make on your forex trade beforehand and it should be more than or equal to the amount that you are willing to loose. This tip is essential if you want to be successful in your forex trading.

It is important for any forex trading beginner to note that successful online forex trading takes patience and is a long term investment. It takes controlled forex trading along with discipline and patience to make your forex trading profitable. Continued research and forex tutorials and guides will help you to learn more and remember as with all successful ventures; knowledge equals power.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Online Forex Trading Strategies

By Kent Pinkerton

Forex trading is one of the money-earning activities that anyone can get into. Many people, some not even full-time or heavily experienced brokers, have gained a lot of profit from trading foreign currencies. And with the intensive use of information technology, more and more people are finding it easier to try their hands at forex trading.

Online forex trading requires only that you have access to the Internet as well as some initial capital to buy currencies. Your initial investment need not be too big. A small amount, when invested wisely, can go a long way. To be more successful in this endeavor, you may also need to be updated in the fluctuations of the exchange rates of the different currencies. Fortunately, forex charts are available for free in almost all forms of media. Monitoring of forex is done by major news agencies, and they often flash these data as running headlines during their broadcasts. The previous day’s forex chart, as well as projections for the day, is printed in the financial section of daily newspapers. And, of course, you can also find or procure up-to-date forex charts from providers on the Internet.

For first time online forex traders, it is recommended that they begin by concentrating on a few foreign currencies first before venturing into keeping a more complex, multiple-currency portfolio. Some established forex traders and brokers are willing to assist neophytes by offering free consultative services and the use of their forex charts. There is also forex software available to aid in the faster computation of forex gains and losses and in the more accurate projection of trends.

Online forex trading is also the most practical way to expand your experience and network in forex trading. Through the Internet, you can keep pace with the forex markets of the world since they open in real time.

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Short Introduction to Online Forex Trading

By Joseph Ducat

If you run an Internet search on the phrase “online Forex trading,” you will quickly get a long list of websites that are specially designed to assist would-be investors with the basics of Forex trading online. Forex is short for the Foreign Exchange and a Forex investor specializes in trading the world’s currency. The world of Forex trading will involve you in an OTC 24-hour market on which an investor performs up-to-the minute currency trade based upon real-time information about the trends in the world’s economy.

But if you are new to all this, you should not simply jump head first into the world of Forex trading. It is essential to do quite a bit of research first, so that you can be certain of choosing the proper online Forex broker and fully understand the system and language of Forex trading. There is much complexity involved in the foreign exchange market, and if you are not completely knowledgeable about the concepts and processes involved, you may not be able to enter into the proper Forex trading patterns. One special type of preparation requires the adequate consideration of the data research tools provided by online brokers for understanding and deciphering the market in real time.

There are a number of different web research tools that are available at various online brokerage sites. For example, among the offerings you can find streaming of live information and expert commentary that can aid the savvy investor in making timely and on-the-mark decisions. In addition to all these, the investor can generally gain access to numerous research graphs and charts that are a privilege of membership on online Forex investing sites. Another important opportunity, with regards to training, is the availability of web-based Forex investing courses designed to provide the novice investor with a solid grounding in the fundamentals and principles of currency exchange.

Another major consideration before choosing the right online investing resource is the fees associated with the services and trades. Fees can vary greatly from site to site, with some sites charging a monthly service fee for research tools while others claim to have no fees at all. It is important to thoroughly review all information pertaining to the account setup and fee schedule prior to establishing the account. This will ensure the best fit for all parties.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Online Forex Trading Made Easy

By Paul Bryan

There was a time when online forex trading was limited mostly to banks and big financial institutions and they were the ones benefiting from it. But times changed and the availability of internet and online forex trading made it accessible to thousands of individuals, brokers, brokerage firms, banks and governments. Now, the benefit is for anyone to reap who deals in it.

This mind boggling increase in online forex trading was brought by a lot of factors. One can trade round the clock irrespective of geographical location and that has been the single most important factor contributing to its exponential growth. Estimates claim that the daily transactions have scaled almost two-trillion dollars! In addition to this, there are a number of other factors.

A trader is gets to trade in different currencies in different markets all at once. It is all because of web based Forex trading. What has this done is that it has allowed the infusion of a lot of liquidity and flexibility in online forex trading. What is more, a trader can easily access quotes and make trades in real time with online Forex transactions.

The biggest benefit of online forex trading is that it has done away with bulls and bears. So, this is the only market without any bulls and bears. Value or ratio of value of the currency or the direction of its movement has relatively no overall impact on the world of online Forex trading. To make it more simple; any trader can buy and sell at the same time in different currencies without any problems.

Another defining feature of online forex trading is its transparency. Nothing is hidden. It is comparatively easier to spot trends and decide the best time to sell or purchase. This is possible because all the information is there in real time from all over the globe.

Everything is out there for anyone and everyone to look at. Online forex trading involves no hidden costs, no exchange fees, no commission and nothing like that. All of this has made online forex trading very easy.

Another remarkable feature of online forex trading is the speed with which everything happens. There is nothing like delays here. You need virtually seconds to execute any trade and to fill and confirm it. All the information is provided by brokers and trading companies in real time and that is really crucial for making important decisions.

I would like to end this discussion by giving a look at the flip side of online forex trading. It might seem the best way to put your money but not everyone who invested money in online forex trading made money. There are reasons behind it.

Online forex trading is in reality risky where split second decisions are needed which could make or mar your investment. It is therefore essential for anyone who is interested in this field to understand it well before making any decision.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Online Forex Trading

by: Bob Hett

Do you know what Forex trading is? Some people have heard of this type of trading, others have not. If you haven’t, it might be something you are interested in trying. Forex trading stands for foreign exchange trading. What it consists of is the buying and selling of different currencies. This is done simultaneously, and there are people who make a lot of money with this kind of trading. This is apparent by the 1.9 million dollar turnover in this market that happens every day. Also a lot of it is done online. Online Forex trading is very popular.

The most common currencies to trade are the Euro and the U.S. dollar, and the U.S. dollar and the Japanese Yen. However, nearly all of the Forex trading done involves the major currencies of the world. These include the Euro, Japanese Yen, U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, British Pound, Australian dollar, and the Swiss franc. The Forex exchange is different from other exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange, in that it does not have a physical location or central exchange. The exchange day begins in Sydney, then moves to Tokyo, on to London, and finally ends in New York. Each country takes the responsibility of regulating the Forex exchange activities in their own country. So there is no overall regulatory agency. However, this does not seem to be a problem and most countries do very well at overseeing Forex exchange activities.

There are a lot of things that influence the Forex rate. For instance, economic things, like interest rates and inflation, and also political things, such as political unrest in other countries and major changes in government cause up and down changes in the Forex rate. However, these things tend to be short-term, and don’t affect it for long.

Online Forex trading sites are easy to find by surfing the Internet. Most of them provide a wealth of information for the first time trader. You can find out about the history of Forex trading, how to co it, tips on being successful, etc. You can also start trading with as little as $250 in your account on some sites. For anyone who is interested in currency or trading, it is something you should check out.

As with any type of trading, there are no guarantees that you will make money or that you won’t make money. It is a smart choice to learn as much as you can about online Forex trading before investing any money and doing any trading. It is a fact that informed investors do better than those who don’t know much about what they are trading. So get the fact before you dive in. You might just make a little money in a very interesting currency exchange.

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